Aerial View of Griggs

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FAQ's about the Reservoirs & Watershed Management

Watershed management office and land stewardship

Questions and answers about the reservoirs, watershed management and the land stewardship program.
  • Where does my water come from?
  • How do I find out the water levels and the temperature of the reservoirs?
  • Why is the water so low at Griggs/O’Shaughnessy? Can’t we pump water in them?
  • What is a watershed?
  • Why does the City of Columbus have a Watershed Management Office?
  • How is the Watershed Management Section funded?
  • Why are there so many rules regarding city-owned land next to the reservoirs?
  • How can I tell where my property ends and the city-owned property begins?
  • What is a Land Stewardship Agreement?
  • What is a Land Stewardship Plan?
  • Is my Land Stewardship Agreement transferable to a new owner if I sell my house?
  • What is an encroachment?
  • Is there a process to dispute encroachment notices and other issues involving the city-owned land along the reservoirs?
  • Why can’t I continue to maintain city property as turf grass?
  • Why are so many properties in the reservoir areas advertised as "waterfront" when they should be called "waterview" because, in reality, the city owns most of the land next to the reservoirs?
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Recreation on the Reservoirs

Boating, Dock Permits, Shelter Houses, Swimming (not permitted)
  • Is swimming allowed in the Columbus reservoirs or waterways? 
  • Who should I notify if I see people swimming, diving, or any other potentially dangerous situation in a Columbus reservoir? 
  • Is my vessel permitted on the reservoirs?
  • How do I find out the water levels and the temperature of the reservoirs? 
  • What are the horsepower/speed limits for the reservoirs? 
  • I need to get my boat inspected. Who do I need to talk to?
  • How do I get a dock permit from the City of Columbus?
  • How do I reservere a shelter house? Do they have electricity? How much does it cost & where do I pay?

Flood Control

  • Do the Columbus reservoirs have any flood control ability? 
  • Are conditions monitored when downstream flood conditions may exist or be imminent? 
  • If concerned about flood preparation or evacuations, where do I call? 
  • If I live in a floodplain or floodway downstream of one of the dams, can I obtain flood insurance? 

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