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Contact Info Department of Public Utilities
910 Dublin Road
Columbus, OH, 43215
Walk-in Payment Office:
7:30 Am - 5PM
Phone:(614) 645-8276
Weekdays 7 Am - 6 PM

E-Mail: utilityleadrep@columbus.gov

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Sewer Overflow FAQs

Sewer Overflows

  • What are CSOs and SSOs?
  • Why do overflows exist?
  • Where are the overflow points located?
  • Are overflows an issue in other U.S. cities?
  • What is the City of Columbus doing about overflows?
  • How will these projects affect sewer rates?
  • How are sewer improvements financed?
  • How will central Ohio residents benefit?
  • How many overflow points are in Columbus?
  • How often do they overflow?
  • If I see an overflow warning sign, is it safe to swim near it?
  • Can residents help prevent overflows?
  • Should residents report a suspected sewer overflow or basement backup?