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Sewer and Water Advisory Board (SWAB)

The City of Columbus created the Sewer and Water Advisory Board in 1984 to oversee the rates and major policy changes for sewer and water services. The board, comprised of area residents appointed to represent different constituencies such as senior citizens and the business community in addition to city officials, meets several times a year as needed. Revenue needs are reviewed, along with any rate increase requests for the coming year. The board forwards their recommendation to Columbus City Council, who then review and vote to set rates or change fundamental policy.  

The Sewer and Water Advisory Board meetings are open to the public.
Call (614) 645-3956 for a schedule of meeting times and dates.

Title 11 Water, Sewer and Electricity Code Pertaining to the Columbus Sewer and Water Advisory Board 

Chapter 1147.05 - Sewer Charges Rate Establishment Procedures.

Chapter 1149.06 - Stormwater rate establishment procedures.

Chapter 1153.01 - Sewer and Water Advisory Board.