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(614) 645-3111

Contact Info Department of Public Service
50 W. Gay Street
Columbus, OH 43215-9005
Office :  (614) 645-3111
Fax :  (614) 645-7805
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311 City Services Call Center

The Call Center is the single point of contact for requesting all non-emergency City services and is available to residents, City businesses, and visitors.

The Columbus Call Center is also known as "3-1-1"; provides citizen access to City services and City information with the highest possible levels of customer service. The "3-1-1" initiative strives to help City agencies provide efficient service delivery by allowing them to focus on their core missions, manage workloads efficiently, provide insight into the needs of residents, and measure how well services are delivered.
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For emergency issues regarding Columbus public utilities, please contact the
Department of Public Utilities directly:
For water emergencies during non-business hours, call 645-7788.
For electric emergencies during non-business hours, call 645-7627.
For sewer emergencies during non-business hours, call 645-7102.