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New Parking Law Passed by City Council

Columbus City Council passed an ordinance on July 16, 2012, creating a new type of citywide parking restriction. The change went into effect August 16 and makes it illegal to park a vehicle over a curb in tree lawns (the grassy strip between the curb and sidewalk), bike lanes and shared-use paths. The new law was enacted after many residents expressed concern about vehicles parking on or over curbs and damaging curbs and grass in the tree lawns.

Why is there need for enforcement?

Vehicles parked over the curb in the tree lawn area between the curb and sidewalk:

  • Create ruts that collects rainwater and litter
  • Promote mosquito populations in standing water in the ruts
  • Damage street trees
  • Track soil and debris into the street
  • Degrade the neighborhood appearance 

In addition, vehicles parked in a bike lane or shared-use path are a danger to bicyclists lawfully riding in a bike lane as well as pedestrians and bicyclists on a shared-use path.

Effective August 16, 2012:
New parking restriction signs, pictured below, will be placed on streets where vehicles park over the curb. Drivers violating this new parking law will receive verbal warnings from Columbus police officers between August 16 and September 16, 2012. 

After September 16, 2012:
Columbus police officers may issue tickets for parking over the curb. The fine is $40.

Unpaid parking tickets may result in vehicles being towed. The State of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles may refuse to renew vehicle registrations if drivers have unpaid parking tickets at the time they try to renew their registrations.

New Parking Signs