SIGNS Inspections

Inspection Results and Signs


View Inspection Results Icon Initiated in 2006, the color-coded signage system in Columbus and Worthington aims to accurately inform the public of the health and safety status of businesses licensed by Columbus Public Health.  Types of businesses licensed include:

Color Coded Signs

These dated and color-coded signs inform the public of the most recent inspection conducted, and show what standing the business is in regarding that inspection. Use this signage system with other information, such as the detailed  online inspection results, to make healthy and safe choices about where to eat, play, live and work in the City of Columbus.

Green Sign - small

Green Sign: All standard inspections have been conducted and the business has met the standards of Columbus Public Health.

Yellow Sign - small

Yellow Sign: All businesses that are in the enforcement process due to uncorrected critical violations found during follow-up inspections.

White Sign - small

White Sign: All businesses placed on an increased frequency of inspections.

Red Sign - small

Red Sign: All businesses that the Board of Health or the Health Commissioner has ordered closed.