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Success Stories: Dave Canup

Department of Public Utilities
Sewers and Drains

Dave Canup

My journey began about 2 years ago when I was tested at the Columbus Zoo at the City of Columbus employee appreciation day  and found out that I was in the pre-diabetic stag.  It was areal wake up call- my grandparents had diabetes.  Through the   Diabetes Prevention Program I have learned so much about food and nutrition. I have lost almost 40 pounds and have stopped taking 4 pills a day and feel great!   The best news is I am no longer prediabetic.  I have become a DPU Wellness Ambassador to encourage others to get involved and get healthy! It is great to learn, share and hear that others that are trying to get healthy. This program is awesome and the encouraging people at every level are amazing!  Losing weight and getting active has completely changed my life and I have never felt better!I am so thankful that the City has supported the Healthy Columbus program.