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A small number of Columbus neighborhoods require permits for parking.  Residential parking permits are issued at the Parking Violations Bureau (PVB).

Residential Permit Parking Information

The City of Columbus recognizes that public on-street parking as well as private parking for individual businesses is limited in many commercial, residential, historic and mixed-use neighborhoods.  In order to preserve the vitality for residents, and to balance it with the needs of businesses in areas of limited parking, it is necessary to establish residential district permit parking in some neighborhoods.  For a map of eligible parcels that can get permits, click here .  

Short North Area

Beginning January 31, 2014, permits will be limited to two stickers and one visitor hangtag per household in Permit Area I and V.  A visitor hangtag may be issued to a household with the purchase of at least one permit sticker.  Residents in Permit Areas I and V may receive one-day visitor hangtags, with the first five free each year, and thereafter $1.00 each, up to a maximum of 100 per household per year.  Residents may be considered for additional permit stickers within Permit Area I and V through an appeal process.   Click here  for the appeal application.  Instructions are provided on the application form.

Businesses located within Permit Areas I and V are limited to two business hangtags per business.

A business or resident may  click here  to download an application for a parking permit in Permit Area I or Permit Area V. Special on-site permit sale dates and instructions are listed on the application form.  Parking permits can also be purchased at the Parking Violation Bureau.

Businesses in the Short North located between the south side of Hubbard Avenue, north side of Poplar Street, east side of High Street and west side of Pearl Street are located in new Permit Area IB.   Click here  for a Permit Area IB parking permit application.  Special on-site permit sale dates and instructions are located on the application form.  Permit Area IB permits may only be purchased on-site during the special sale dates.  Note there is limited parking permit availability and special permit rules for businesses located within Permit Area IB.

Residential parking permits are issued on-site in the OSU and Short North Permit Areas for a limited time.  Parking permits can also be purchased at the Parking Violations Bureau located at:

2700 Impound Lot Road
Columbus, OH 43207

The Parking Violations Bureau is open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. 

To purchase a parking permit, you must apply in person and have all the following information: 

  • Current Vehicle Registration
  • Proof of Residency
  • Resident Applications - A copy of a current utility bill (landline telephone, gas, electricity, or water bill), a signed lease or copy of your most recent mortgage statement, or a notarized letter from your landlord to verify residency.
  • Employee Applications - notarized letter from your employer for all permit areas other than Permit Areas I, V and IB.  Only business owners or managers in Permit Areas I, V and IB may purchase parking permits - refer to the  Permit Area IB application  for more information.

Permits are valid for twelve month from either  August to August  or  January to January , depending on the Permit Area.

Parking permits in Permit Areas in and around the OSU Campus areas north of Fifth Avenue expire August each year. Parking permits outside the OSU Campus area expire January 31 each year.  The permit  expiration date  can be found on your permit, or you can verify a permit expiration by contacting the Parking Violations Bureau.

Permits are $25 for all Permit Areas, except for Permit Area IB.  Permit Area IB permits are $100. 

The IB permit renewal process has not been determined. IB permits purchased in 2014 will be extended until March of 2015.

Click here to download an application for Permit Areas other than Permit Area I, V and IB.

Payment methods accepted in the Parking Violations Bureau include Visa, Master Card, Discover, Cash or Check.  Cash is not accepted at on-site permit sales locations.