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Supplemental Specification 1611 - Cabinet Assembly and Signal Testing and Installation Requirements (SS-1611) details that the below forms are required to be completed during new traffic signal controller cabinet installations. 

Traffic Signal Cabinet Checkout Forms

Forms 1-5 are attached below.  All forms shall be completed by personnel trained by the City of Columbus Electronic Systems Coordinator (Division of Planning and Operations-ESC) and  certified by IMSA as a Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II or higher.  See SS-1611 for additional details.

TS1 Controller Cabinet Inventory Form (Form #1)  

TS2 Controller cabinet Inventory Form (Form #1)

TS1 Controller Cabinet Test Procedures Form (Form #2)  

TS2 Controller Cabinet Test Procedures Form (Form #2)

Field Check-Partial Inspection Form (Form #3)  
Field Check-Complete Inspection Form (Form #4)  
Field Signal Check Form (Form #5)