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The City of Columbus is continuously striving to provide improved accessibility to all areas of the City including public facilities, public transportation depots, commercial businesses, and neighborhoods. 

Curb Ramp Construction

ADA wheelchair ramps have, in previous years, been constructed at high-pedestrian traffic intersections, as part of major roadway reconstruction projects, at high traffic areas near downtown, near schools and hospitals, and by special citizen requests.

Ramp installations are now included as a routine part of roadway resurfacing projects where curbs and sidewalks already exist. Ramp construction is scheduled to occur near the time of street repaving, and often performed by a separate contractor.

The City of Columbus is committed to eventually have ramps at every intersection throughout the City.  This is a major undertaking that will require a number of years and continued funding.  Funding for these projects has been possible in the past by grants from the Ohio Public Works Commission and funds made available by City Council.
The City of Columbus has adopted a comprehensive curb ramp policy.  This new policy document replaces and expands upon individual policies titled "Curb Ramp Pushbutton Policy" and "Detectable Warnings Policy". The new policy is effective March 5, 2011.

Anyone who would like to request a ramp or ramps at a particular location should send a written request, including name, phone number, and a brief explanation to:
City of Columbus, Public Service Department

Division of Infrastructure Management

Attn: ADA Manager
50 W Gay St.
Columbus, OH 43215
Or call (614) 645-0285
Or e-mail requests or questions to:  

Click here  for Wheelchair Ramp Requirements, effective March 5, 2011.