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Guidelines for a community cleanup.

KCB Cleanup Guidelines

  • It's not hard to organize a cleanup of a public area in Columbus.
  • You provide the volunteers. Keep Columbus Beautiful will provide trash bags and will loan, subject to availability, gloves and tools for your cleanup. 
  • Subject to availability, Keep Columbus Beautiful will provide recycling boxes, liners and lids for your recycling drive or clothes collection. 
  • Cleanups are for litter collection, NOT household cleanouts.  Cleanup activities are to take place in public areas.
  • If you should find  bulk refuse items  during your cleanup, please call 614-645-3111 immediately after your cleanup with the exact location and description (i.e., tires, appliances, etc.) of these items to arrange for collection.  NOTE:  Construction, remodeling and demolition waste cannot be collected by the Refuse Collection Division. 
  • Registration is due as soon as possible.  Don't forget to take pictures of your activity and send them in with your summary!
  • If you need to postpone your cleanup to your rain date, please call ( 614) 645-8047  immediately to make arrangements.
  • If you have any questions concerning Keep Columbus Beautiful, call us at ( 614) 645-8027

Register Your Event Online by clicking  here  or by printing this form  

LIMITATIONS:  Furniture, mattresses, non-refrigerant appliances, carpet, and other miscellaneous household items are considered bulk items and must be scheduled for pick-up by calling 614-645-3111. Some bulk items are not collected by the Columbus Refuse Division. Examples include (but are not limited to): hazardous, flammable, or explosive materials; auto parts, cast iron materials, excavating and building materials, animal feces, refrigerated appliances, yard waste (picked up through the city's yard waste curbside service), tires, pianos, and pool tables.