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The Columbus City Bulletin is published every Saturday under the direction of the City Clerk as prescribed by Sections 35 and 145 of the Columbus City Charter. It contains all ordinances, and resolutions acted upon by Columbus City Council, all bids and notices, and City Code changes.

Clicking on the "City Bulletin #" link will generally open the document in your browser; to save the document to your local drive, right-click (Mac users: option-click) the "City Bulletin #" link and select the Save Target option from the resulting pop-up menu.

Links to the various City Bulletins listed below will be established weekly.

2018 City Bulletins - 50 Items

2017 City Bulletins - 52 Items

2016 City Bulletins - 53 Items

2015 City Bulletins - 52 Items

2014 City Bulletins - 52 Items

2013 City Bulletins - 52 Items

2012 City Bulletins - 52 Items

2011 City Bulletins - 53 Items

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