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Imagine that you are in a restaurant having lunch with a few friends. You hear a siren in the distance and think to yourself, “I wonder where they are going?” The siren gets louder and closer, and then you actually see a fire engine approaching in the distance. Suddenly, surprisingly, the engine turns into the parking lot and parks right in front of the crowded restaurant where you’re eating. That’s when you learn that right next door, someone is unconscious after suffering a cardiac arrest. If you only knew, maybe you could have made a difference.

PulsePoint is a smartphone app that will alert CPR trained individuals of situations where CPR is needed close by to where you are. This app can save lives! Please participate by downloading the app today!

The PulsePoint mobile app alerts CPR-trained bystanders to someone nearby having a sudden cardiac arrest that may require CPR.
The app is activated by the local public safety communications center simultaneous with the dispatch of local fire and EMS resources.
The app is only activated if the event is occurring in a public place (the app is not activated for residential addresses).
In addition to the life-saving CPR/AED functionality, the app provides a virtual window into fire and EMS activity in the community, offering a unique opportunity for civic engagement and transparency.
The purpose of the app is to increase the survival rates of cardiac arrest victims.
Funding and support for the application is provided by the PulsePoint Foundation, a nonprofit organization established to guide, enhance and expand the reach of the app.

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