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City of Columbus Department Walking Maps

Walking Maps

Walking has many benefits. For adults, it offers better control of your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol, helps manage stress and promotes better sleep.  It can help prevent bone loss, boost energy levels, and delay or prevent the onset of chronic illnesses.


Walking maps have been created for many City buildings for employees to use on their lunch or breaks.  Click on the links below to download the map for your building.

200 Greenlawn Ave.  1250 Fairwood Ave. 
240 Parsons Ave.  1800 Livingston Ave. 
400 Whittier Ave.  2100 Alum Creek Dr. 
757 Carolyn Ave.  3601 N. High St. 
910 Dublin Rd. 3639 Parsons Ave. 
1120 Morse Rd. 

Capitol Square (Downtown)
75 S. High St.


Pocket sized maps offer several routes within over  35 Columbus neighborhoods.  If you like art, check out the  maps that highlight unique public art, architecture and landmarks in nine neighborhoods!  Art Walk maps include routes and a self-guided audio tour. If you like nature and green practices, check out the new  Columbus Green Walks, which also feature a self-guided audio tour.