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Mayor Andrew J. Ginther
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Columbus, OH 43215
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The City of Columbus Hall of Fame honors outstanding individuals who, through exemplary accomplishments, have gained national recognition for themselves and have brought credit to this City.  

Robert Lazarus Jr.

Robert Lazarus Jr. A native of Columbus, Robert Lazarus Jr. served the U.S. Navy during World War II. Upon his return from his tour of duty he attended Yale University. After graduation from Yale University in 1950, he has spent his career in the retail business at Lazarus.

Robert Lazarus Jr. has helped to carry on the family tradition and philosophy of the Lazarus name. He has created jobs and a successful career for himself and others in Columbus. His philanthropic philosophy that “Columbus had been good to the Lazarus family and therefore there is a responsibility to “give back to the community,” has been evident in his many accomplishments. - learn more

Curtis LeMay

Curtis LeMay A former Air Force Chief of Staff and four star general, Curtis LeMay’s enchantment with aviation began at age 4 when he chased the first airplane he ever saw down the streets and across yards in this native city, Columbus. For over thirty years, the name LeMay was synonymous with the development of military aviation. He served on active duty longer than any other four star general in America’s history and at one time headed the strategic Air Command. He also served in key positions during the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies. LeMay retired February 1, 1965 after receiving four Distinguished Service Medals. - learn more

James J. Lorimer

James J. Lorimer Jim Lorimer is an attorney and former Special Agent of the F.B.I. who has promoted the Arnold Sports Festival since 1989. - learn more

Dr. Amos H. Lynch, Sr.

Dr. Amos H. Lynch, Sr. Affectionately called the Godfather through many parts of Columbus by a grateful community, Amos Lynch has dedicated his life to the newspaper business and supporting the community.  It has been said, “If you cut Amos with a knife, he would bleed printer ink”. The son of a family of medical professionals, Amos chose a journalism career. He has served at the helm of the Call and Post, and formed his own publication the Columbus Post. - learn more

Imran Malik

Imran Malik Imran Malik Awan, a multicultural and multilingual interfaith leader, strongly believes in the value of putting our faiths in action to bring people together through community service. - learn more

John H. McConnell

John H. McConnell John H. McConnell lived his life following a simple, successful philosophy that puts people first and follows the golden rule. A native of West Virginia, John J. McConnell served aboard the USS Saratoga during World War II. He returned from that conflict to attend Michigan State University on the G.I. Bill. After graduation in 1949, he entered the steel business, arriving in Columbus in 1954.  - learn more

Jordan Miller, Jr.

Jordan Miller, Jr. Jordan A. Miller, Jr. is a Business and Community Advisor and currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. He is a leader in the Columbus community and serves on several boards and fundraising initiatives. - learn more

Jerrie Mock

Jerrie Mock Geraldine "Jerrie" Fredritz Mock was born November 22, 1925, in Newark, Ohio. Her interest in flying was sparked at seven years of age when she took her first airplane ride. Jerrie graduated from Newark High School in 1943 and went on to attend The Ohio State University, majoring in aeronautical engineering. She left OSU in 1945 to marry Russell Mock. - learn more

Captain Lana Moore

Captain Lana Moore Lana Moore, a third-generation firefighter, EMT-B with the Columbus Division of Fire retired in 2016 with 35 years of service. - learn more

Mayme Moore

Mayme Moore An outstanding woman who achieved as much for the cause of racial harmony and understanding as anyone in the nation. After three decades of executive service she was affectionately known as “the Mother of the Columbus Branch of the NAACP.” Mayme Moore spent her lifetime in service, promoting racial pride and accomplishment through such organizations as the Urban League, the YMCA, PTA, both Boys and Girls Clubs, Children’s Services, Mental Health, Black Youth Employment and Nutritional Programs. She helped found and guide many organizations, including the “Colored Women’s Club,” the nation’s oldest black women’s organization. She received numerous awards from local, state and national organizations, and, as a civil rights activist, stood alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington D.C. as he delivered his memorable “I Have a Dream” speech. - learn more

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus Columbus native Jack Nicklaus is the world’s winningest golfer and holds the all-time record of major golf championships at age 34, surpassing the total of legendary Bobby Jones. He has won 15 major championships, including five Masters and three PGA tournaments. He has also won the British Open twice. Following his college years at Ohio State University, Nicklaus joined the professional golf tour and began an international business partnership which, among other enterprises, involves golf courses in Canada, Japan, Spain and the United States. - learn more

Jerry Page

Jerry Page An Olympic Gold Medalist in boxing during the 1984 Summer Olympics, Jerry Page has earned the admiration and respect of all fellow Columbus citizens. His boxing career began at age seven at the Windsor Terrace Recreation Center and he advanced to win many awards and championships, including the National Golden Gloves Championship and three-time Ohio State Fair Champion. Page attended Windsor Elementary, Linmoor Junior High and Linden McKinley High School. Jerry Page is a leader in the area of athletics and Columbus is extremely proud of their favorite son. - learn more

Susan Yvonne Perkins

Susan Yvonne Perkins Susan Perkins is the talented and intelligent woman who was chosen in the 1978 Miss America. Miss Perkins, a resident of Columbus, was employed as a legislative assistant in the Ohio General Assembly. She also spent much of her time developing her singing talent while not losing interest in many diversified areas. This Miami University graduate, as Miss America, will receive a $20,000 scholarship with which to continue her education. Susan Perkins has a creative mind, a lovely voice, a fine presence and her multiplicity of talents and interests promise an extremely bright future. - learn more

Ned Pettus Jr.

Ned Pettus Jr. Ned Pettus Jr., Ph.D. was appointed Public Safety Director for the City of Columbus by Mayor Andrew M. Ginther on August 1st, 2016, and retired on September 1st, 2021 - learn more

Elijah Pierce

Elijah Pierce A native of northeastern Mississippi and the son of a former slave, Elijah Pierce came to Columbus in 1924. A barber by profession, Mr. Pierce has used the pocket knives and chisels of the woodcarver to create internationally acclaimed works of art, depicting Biblical impressions, portraits and scenes from his life. His work has been exhibited in the National Museum of American Art of the Smithsonian Institution, as well as other prestigious galleries across the nation. Elijah Pierce’s contribution to American fold art has been recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts, with a National Heritage Fellowship. - learn more

Rev. Dr. James Preston Poindexter

Rev. Dr. James Preston Poindexter The Rev. Dr. James Preston Poindexter was a highly respected political and social justice leader in Columbus with influence across the state and the nation during the 19th century. - learn more

Bobby Rahal

Bobby Rahal A man of many interests and abilities, Bobby Rahal entered his first race, a novice event in Canada, at the age of 17. A-string of impressive race car victories has since been highlighted by his 1986 Indianapolis 500 win. Bobby Rahal not only races cars; he operates several auto dealerships throughout Ohio and is an advisor and consultant to Bobby Rahal's TrackTime Driving Schools.  - learn more

Kathleen Ransier

Kathleen Ransier Kathy is a retired partner in the Vorys Columbus office where she was a member of the corporate and finance group. - learn more

James A. Rhodes

James A. Rhodes The son of a Jackson County coal miner, James A. Rhodes has compiled a record of public service to Ohio unequaled in the State’s history. In addition to his four terms as Governor of Ohio and ten years as State Auditor, Governor Rhodes served on the Columbus School Board (1937-1939) and as City Auditor (1940-1944). At the age of thirty-four, he was elected Mayor of Columbus. Twice re-elected Mayor, Rhodes sparked the growth of Ohio’s capital city in the 1940’s. In the course of a public career spanning forty-five years, Jim Rhodes, with unfailing optimism and political acumen, led Columbus and Ohio to new levels of economic and educational achievement. - learn more

Eddie Rickenbacker

Eddie Rickenbacker A World War I flying ace whom later became president of Eastern Airlines, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker truly can be called an aviation pioneer. His courage and heroics won him the Congressional Medal of Honor, and his dedication to aviation helped develop the commercial airline industry in the United States. Born in Columbus in 1890, Rickenbacker left school at the age of 13 to support his mother, brothers and sisters after the death of his father. Following his death in 1973, Lockbourne Air Force Base was renamed in honor of the man who gave so much of himself to better his native country, state, and city. - learn more

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