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Success Story: Mahoganey McMillion

Department of Public Utilities
Customer Service Representative

Mahoganey McMillion

I was never really a person who wanted to exercise or felt that I needed too. However one day I had a minor asthma attack just from walking up a few flights of steps. I decided that something had to change.

When I saw the opportunity to take the Live Healthy ten week challenge I jumped at the chance and found out that one of my teammates really needed someone to support her during her own personal weight loss goals.  (She is doing awesome by the way!).  I knew it would be hard for me, because let’s face it exercising can suck. But I wanted d to show her that if I could do it so could she.


I started out by first getting the dreaded SCALE! (What a jerk it was!!!).  Then I cut out all those things I love and know just shouldn’t have. My demon was pop! (mmmmm pop!!).  Next I set out to face my fear….EXERCISE!!!!!!  I started out by doing Leslie Samsone walking aerobics (You can do a mile every 15 minutes which is awesome.) at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes. I’m now to the point where I do it 5 times a week and I walk at work for at least 45 minutes on my lunch and 15 on breaks.  I take the steps everywhere I go. (No elevators for me!!) 

I’m at the point where if I have a day where I can’t workout I don’t feel complete.  I’ve come to love the feeling of working out. I feel healthy. I feel beautiful inside and out. My knees feel better and my asthma is under control. I’ve even lost 6 pounds. For a person who started out thinking she was above exercise, that’s a lot!


A coworker who also has problems with his knees has started walking with me during lunch and commented today that he feels so much better. Bottom line….I took this challenge by the horns and so far I’m rockin’ it!!!