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Spring/Summer Program Guide

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The above Spring/Summer 2020 Program Guide was created prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Visit columbus.gov/RecParksCOVID19 for cancelations and schedule updates.

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Applications for Purpose, Pride and Success (APPS) Program Director - Mario Martin
1111 E. Broad St. 
Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 645-8430

APPS Hours (Year-Round) Thursday - 6:00pm to 10:00pm 
Friday - 6:00pm to 10:00pm 
Saturday - 6:00pm to 10:00pm

What is the APPS program? Created in 2011, by former Mayor Michael B. Coleman, the mission of the APPS program is to reduce crime and violence by increasing protective factors in the lives of Columbus youth and young adults (ages 14-23) through proven prevention and intervention strategies. The initiative’s prevention strategies include offering safe and constructive alternatives to violence while youth development professionals provide mentorship through enrichment activities at four community recreation centers. Our diligent mentors are able to assess individual and family needs while being an ongoing advocate to insure that a young person and their family are linked to services that meet immediate needs while providing long term support services for future goal attainment, which ultimately produces productive contributing members of society.

APPS intervention strategies consist of street-level violence interruption and conflict mediation teamed with case management and support services to address the risk factors that can lead youth into a life of crime and violence. This is put into practice by intervention specialists that build trusting relationships with young people that are partially responsible for driving the violence in our communities, directing them to healthy alternatives that have redeeming value. Our trained intervention specialists have unique and diverse backgrounds that have provided them with experiences that assist them in connecting with today’s youth. Referrals can conveniently be made at any APPS site or by phone at 614-645-8430.

Where does the APPS program take place? APPS programming is focused in the 43207, 43203, 43223, and 43211 zones. Center based programming is year-round at four community centers (listed below) from Thursday through Saturday nights. Each community center offers educational, arts, and recreation activities for its youth and young adult participants. The Neighborhood Violence Intervention team also works in these targeted zones, to help build relationships and mediate violent encounters.
Beatty Community Center
Douglas Community Center
Glenwood Community Center
Linden Community Center

How does the APPS program help? APPS has established a two part comprehensive violence reduction strategy.
Part One - Intervention.  Through street-level violence interruption and conflict mediation by trained Violence Intervention workers, and neighborhood based services, the APPS Neighborhood Violence Intervention Program (NVI) program is focused on building relationships with proven high-risk youth - or known violent offenders - in order to guide them away from violence and toward positive alternatives, and to restore a sense of safety and improve the future outlook for the focus communities. Through pooled intelligence with law enforcement and community partners, the APPS NVI team hopes to identify the top riskiest youth in the most violent neighborhood gangs. As a result, APPS NVI mentoring efforts will be focused on the young people widely recognized to be the individual(s) driving the violence within the APPS designated neighborhoods.
Part Two - Prevention.  This is done through late night programming at four (above mentioned) community centers on Thursday-Saturday nights includes educational, recreational, employment, and arts activities.

Cap City Nights Festivals The summer festivals are a prevention strategy that aims to foster safe and healthy community relationships by bringing together neighborhood residents, worshipers, service providers, and business owners. Festival activities encourage relationship building among families and neighbors, thereby strengthening community ties and empowering the community to work together to reduce violence while creating a platform of trust to produce positive change. Festivals are themed, highlighted with free food, live entertainment and a host of games and activities for the entire family. Festivals (listed below) are from 6:00pm to 10:00pm, and all food and activities are free.

2017 Cap City Nights Festival Dates

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