FIMR Model

FIMR is a multidisciplinary, community-based process that identifies local issues through the review of fetal and infant deaths.  Data from these reviews reveal service gaps for women and children, and help target  informed initiatives to address those gaps. 

The FIMR Coordinator builds each case summary from a combination of medical records, social service records and a family interview. The identifying information is removed.

Because of the depth of these reviews, many FIMRs only abstract a portion of all the infant and fetal deaths in their area. Criteria for case selection may be identified through review of Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR) data or by focusing on a vulnerable subgroup identified by the community.

FIMR Work Groups

FIMR has two work groups tasked with distinct functions: a Case Review Team (CRT) and a Community Action Team (CAT).

Learn more about the groups that drive the work of FIMR.

FIMR Process 

FIMR is an ongoing process designed to give regular feedback on the current status of maternal child health in a community. (see below)

FIMR Process Wheel