Opening Your Day Care Step Three: Health, Safety, and Parental Rights

Perhaps the most critical part of your success as a Day Care Center operator is diligently following the health and safety standards established by Columbus Public Health and the State of Ohio. 

All CCCs and Type A Day Care Centers are required to:
•     Obtain and display at all times a Food License;
•     Provide the children with a balanced diet that meets state nutritional requirements;
•     Ensure all equipment is in safe and good condition;
•     Must pass a one-time building inspection to obtain your CCC license;
•     Must conduct and pass an annual fire inspection;
•     Conspicuously post Emergency plans.

Further, because parents are entrusting you with the care and well-being of their children, all CCC/Type A Day Care Centers must make available to parents or guardians:
•     The age and number of children in your day care center as well as its licensed capacity;
•     Hours your day care center will be open along with a calendar that shows days your center is open or closed;
•     All fees;
•     Discipline and Safety procedures;
•     Menu of meals and snacks;
•     Detailed emergency and health care procedures;
•     A roster of names and contact information for the parents of each child (although parents can choose not to be listed);
•     A parent participation plan;
•     Dates of field trips and special outings;
•     Information on licensing, center programs, and policies and procedures;
•     Any information on licensing inspection and substantiated complaint investigation reports;
•     The toll-free number or email to report any suspected violations at (877) 302-2347, opt. 4, or by email.

In addition to this information, parents or guardians have the right to see:
•     All daily activities;
•     All indoor and outdoor areas used by children;
•     Any and all records on their child or children;
•     And have unlimited access to the center during its hours of operation.

For your safety and the safety of the children and your employees, each child must have a physical exam and immunization prior to admission or within 30 days of enrollment.

Last, parent/staff conferences are required for children 5 years or younger. For children six or older, staff are to notify parents in writing that conferences are available at the parents request.

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