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CIP Right-of Way Plan Development

The following documents provide information regarding Right of Way Plan development requirements which promotes timely communication and cooperation between the Division of Design and Construction and the Consultant during the plan design stage. Early coordination is expected with the R/W coordinator to determine Proposed R/W, Easements and to identify Encroachments inside the R/W and disposition. 

Columbus Right-of-Way Forum May 2019

Date and indicate plan type submission on all Right-of-Way submittals. All Right-of-Way plans shall follow the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Real Estate manual located at for plan format, with slight variations to the Right-of-Way Topo and Boundary sheets. See sample plans sheets.


City of Columbus Right-of-Way plans also differ from ODOT in that parking spaces, parking blocks, and environmental covenants are to be shown on all Right-of-Way plans.


The City of Columbus also uses a (P) easement as an alternative to fee takes for sidewalk/ADA purposes.

Present Road Occupies (PRO) shall be included when acquisition of a parcel is required within the project limits.