Current Art Pieces in Harrison Park

Brassia Orchid by Hannah Mason-Macklin, Columbus College of Art and Design (2011)
Brassia Orchid by Hannah Mason-Macklin 
Mason-Macklin’s design was selected as for the park through a community-wide vote in February 2011. It is the most literal sculpture chosen from among nearly 20 submissions to the Harrison Park Art Project. Fabricated by local artist and CCAD instructor, Steve Bush, the sculpture is composed of welded strips of stainless steel and powder coated a bronze similar to the color on the park’s gazebo.

Community by Allie Raines, Columbus College of Art and Design (2011)
Community by Allie Raines
Raines’ “Community” is a whimsical, metaphoric piece selected by the community in February 2011. In it, three stylized figures, two adults and a child on one adult’s shoulders, share the task of building a tower of blocks. It is emblematic of the community effort that has gone into rescuing Harrison West from crime and decay and building it into the vibrant, diverse, welcoming, safe community that it is today. Raines describes her sculpture this way: “[The] block shapes are fundamental building structures, three stages representing the growing community in past, present and future, supported by its members through each generation.”

Riparian by Amanda C. Vandenberg, Columbus College of Art and Design (2011)
Riparian by Amanda C. Vandenberg2
Riparian echoes the park’s ability to tie the city with nature through a freeform aluminum figure, symbolizing the union between the built environment and nature. The art was elected by community-wide vote in 2009.

Sycamore by Mallory McClellan, Columbus College of Art and Design (2011)
Sycamore by Mallory McClellan2
Photo Credit: Columbus Alive
Sycamore is a powder coated steel plate rendering of a fallen Sycamore tree. The art was elected by community-wide vote in 2009.

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