Commission Members and Mission

Learn more about the Citizens' Commission on Elected Officials Compensation's members and goals:  

In November 2014, Columbus voters overwhelmingly approved a series of ballot issues which amended the Columbus City Charter. Included among the changes was a mandate to establish the Citizens’ Commission on Elected Official Compensation to review and recommend the salary for each elective officer of the city, with the underlying goal of increasing citizen engagement and adding an additional layer of accountability to the process of setting future pay rates for elected officials in Columbus.

Effective January 26, 2015, Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman and City Council President Andrew J. Ginther formed the first Citizens’ Commission on Elected Official Compensation. The five person commission has been charged with reviewing compensation for the mayor, city council, city attorney, and auditor and will make salary recommendations including an annual cost of living adjustment which shall not exceed the average increase in the consumer price index over the last four years.

Commission members include:

  • Chester C. Christie, Chair, Former Director, City of Columbus Department of Human Resources
  • Kristen Easterday, Director of Local Government Relations, Columbus Chamber of Commerce
  • Dawn Tyler Lee, Senior Vice President of Community Impact, United Way of Central Ohio
  • Marchelle E. Moore, Esq., Vice President of Legal & Government Affairs and General Counsel for the Central Ohio Transit Authority
  • William Murdock, Executive Director, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

The Commission is expected to meet for approximately three months before finalizing recommendations for the salary of each elective official of the city.

Under the Columbus City Charter, setting elected official salaries will still require a public vote of City Council. Council may accept and enact the Commission’s recommendations in whole or in part, but no salary amount may exceed the Commission’s recommendations.  

All commission meetings will be considered public meetings and will be recorded for broadcast on CTV Columbus Government Television.

For more information, interested residents may contact the Commission at [email protected].