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Councilmember Shannon Hardin's Comments on Transportation

Good morning all:

I am Columbus City Councilmember Shannon Hardin, and I am here on behalf of the City of Columbus because I have the great and distinct privilege of serving as the chair of our city’s Public Service and Transportation Committee.

As many of you know and as you have heard from some of the speakers before me, our transportation infrastructure is absolutely vital to our city. You, the people, are our life blood, but our roads are the arteries and veins that carry you to and fro the various parts of the region.

It’s hard to advocate on behalf of our transportation infrastructure because maintaining it and keeping the roads working isn’t really exciting, but as my staff and I can tell you – when it doesn’t work, we hear about it.

That’s why we all need to be advocates to our members of Congress! We need a sustainable, responsible, long-term transportation bill to fund all aspects of transportation for Columbus! Maintaining our roads and bridges, building sidewalks and curbs, and finding new routes for public transportation and bikes. We cannot simply pass extensions of an old bill. We need our Senators – Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman – and our Congresswoman, Joyce Beatty, to be equipped to advocate on our behalf! They need to know that transportation is important to Columbus and important to keeping Columbus on the right track!

This is why I also need each and every person here to participate in the City’s multi-modal thoroughfare planning group known as Connect Columbus.

This is a long-range plan where EVERYTHING is on the table. If you want to talk about light rail, we’ll talk about light rail. If you want to talk about building sidewalks throughout the ENTIRE city, we’ll talk about it. If you want to talk about protected bike lanes, we’ll talk about it. COTA and MORPC are partners in Connect Columbus, which means if we want to talk about changing bus lines, we’ll talk about it and bring in COTA Next Gen. Anything and everything is on the table – but only if YOU bring it up. Please visit, take the survey, and let us know what is important to you.

Columbus is a city of the present and of the future, and we must prepare for that.

We need certainty in our partnerships with the state and federal departments of transportation.

More importantly, however, we need to hear from our residents. We need to know that standing up for transportation is right and appropriate and necessary for this community.

Make sure your senators and representatives know how you feel about transportation and public transportation, and make sure we, at the City level, know what you want to see for the future!

Thank you very much.