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Create Columbus Commission Hosts First Ever Young Professional Government Day

COLUMBUS—The Create Columbus Commission (CCC), the leading authority on young professional (YP) interests, experiences and priorities in Columbus, hosts the first-ever YP Government Day on Monday, October 26 at Columbus City Hall.

The members of the CCC are convening a daylong summit engaging with over 30 public and private sector leaders, including mayor Coleman and all members of Columbus City Council to roll out their policy agenda for better attracting and retaining young professionals in Columbus.

“There has never been a better time for the young professional voice to be at the table in cocreating our city’s future,” said Jordan Davis, CCC Chair. “The Create Columbus Commission is fully committed to being a mature and productive voice on behalf of our demographic. We are using Monday’s event to raise issues and introduce topics that most impact the lifestyle that is desired by our peer group and which present the greatest opportunity for Columbus to compete for talent.”

The rollout of the CCC’s four priorities comes after several years of learning and debate about where to apply their focus. In the process of determination, Commissioners have intentionally sought out input from peers and community leaders as well as taken into account national trends and research. The four priorities (1) Improve personal financial health and wellness, (2) decrease dependency on personal vehicles, (3) amplify the urban pulse, and (4) serve as cocreators are not comprehensive of every issue YPs care about. Rather they represent the areas where the YP voice can have the greatest value add and maximum impact on improving the YP experience in Columbus. The CCC is committed to continuing to develop the priorities and consider new priorities as the community and the demographics need change.

“There is no shortage of commentary on how millennials are changing the way people of all ages live, work and play in cities around the world,” said Columbus City Councilmember Shannon G. Hardin. “This is a great way for young professionals in Columbus to continue and grow their prominence in shaping policy. YP Government Day is a big step in the right direction and I applaud the Create Columbus Commission for their active efforts to ensure the YP voice is heard.”

The day’s agenda will include a series of forward-thinking conversations organized around the CCC’s priorities for the city of Columbus.

Priority: Improve Personal Financial Health and Wellness

8:30am — Creating Pathways Out of Debt: Seek localized solution to fast-track student loan debt repayment

Priority: Decrease Dependency on Personal Vehicles

10:30am — Creating Convenience to Compete: Maximize the existing alternative transportation options with user driven solutions for easing access, payment, and planning

12:00pm — Preparing for the Future of Transportation: Position Columbus to adopt autonomous vehicle technology

Priority: Amplify the Urban Pulse

1:45pm — Building Strong Urban Core Neighborhoods: Continue growth and development that attracts young professionals and young families

Priority: Serve as Co-Creators of the City’s Future

3:00pm – Stakeholder and City Council Briefing: Continue investment and commitment to young professional community

“The Create Columbus Commission is an engaged and active organization that is helping shape policies and programs that will benefit our great city for decades to come,” said Columbus City

Council President Andy Ginther. “I look forward to being part of the day’s program and learning more about the issues that are important to our young professionals.”

The day will conclude with a reception prior to the Columbus City Council Meeting where Council President Ginther will launch a new YP recognition program in partnership with the

CCC. Every other month, Columbus City Council will recognize a YP selected by the CCC for their notable contribution in shaping the future of Columbus.

“We are happy with the amount of elected officials and community decision makers that have made it a priority to be a part of YP Government Day, but also just excited about raising the

visibility and impact our demographic can have on the future of Columbus,” added Davis. “Their participation demonstrates that our city values the perspective of our generation, and reinforces

that CCC is looked to as an authority on the YP experience. At the end of the day, I hope our elected officials recognize that the priorities of young professionals also benefit the city at large

and that the policy conversations that we convene serve as a foundation for action.”

About Create Columbus

The Create Columbus Commission is a board of young professionals, appointed and funded by the Mayor and City Council President, to serve as the community’s foremost thought leader on

young professional interests, experiences, and priorities, Through strategic community building efforts and a targeted YP grants program, the Create Columbus Commission strives to make

Columbus the nation’s number one place for YPs to live, work and play.

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Create Columbus Commission


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