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Officer Cyrus Beebe

1854-04-27 Bebe Cyrus
Patrolman Cyrus Beebe

Entered Division of Police
Date Unknown

Died In the Line of Duty
April 27, 1854

The first officer killed in the line of duty was Cyrus Beebe. On April 27, 1854, Beebe, whose date of entrance to the City Police is unknown, was working with Licking County Officers, who were looking for a William Jones, Alias William Morgan.  Jones was wanted by Licking County for burglary and was reportedly hiding out at the Scioto Hotel, in Columbus.  When the officers arrived at the hotel, Jones refused to surrender, and a gun battle ensued.  Beebe was shot dead by Jones, who made his escape into the crowd. 

City Council advertised a $500 reward for Jones, who was apprehended three years later in Wisconsin.  His trial followed in the Court of Common Pleas.  He was found guilty of murder in the second degree, and sentenced to life imprisonment.