Right Response Unit (RRU) RRU call centerThis unit embeds a social worker from Columbus Public Health in the Emergency 911 Call Center to assist with triaging calls and determining the best response.  Instead of a traditional police or fire response to every call, this program identifies the specific needs of the caller- whether it’s mental health support, addiction services, or other social service needs, ultimately providing the caller with the most appropriate available resource.  For calls that still require a traditional police or fire response, the Alternative Response professionals have been able to de-escalate volatile situations and provide pre-arrival instructions before officers or paramedics arrive at the scene.

Connecting 911 callers to appropriate mental health and Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) resources 
How it works
 - Caller contacts 911 or self directs via the non emergency line (614-645-4545), option 3. Email  [email protected] (Non-Emergency)
- Dispatcher determines if situation involves a potential mental health and/or SUD crisis
 - Caller is transferred to the RRU Clinician
 - Clinicians conduct an assessment, attempt to stabilize and de-escalate the situation 
  - If needed, clinicians work with 911 Dispatchers and CFD Paramedics to dispatch the appropriate Public Safety personnel to the scene 

2022 Highlights 1950 mental health-related calls taken; 1,454 of which did not require a police or fire response. In addition to getting residents the right resource at the right time, this also saved approximately 1000 hours of police time, freeing officers to respond to other calls for service.