Northeast Area Commission

Area: Northeast
Neighbourhood Plans and OverLays:
Zip Code:
  • North: Morse Rd.
  • East: I-270 & I-62
  • South: Mock/ Alum Creek/ I-62
  • West: Conrail Road

Commission meetings take place on the First Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Howard Community Recreation Center located at 2505 Cassady Avenue.

Neighborhood Liaison
Lynne LaCour
2500 Park Crescent Drive
Columbus, OH 43232
Office: 614-724-0100
Fax: 614-724-0111

Northeast AC- Chair
Elwood Rayford
2776 Yorkcliff Road
Columbus, OH 43219
Office: 614-778-8762
Alternate: 614-475-1448
Fax: 614-475-0897

Northeast AC- Zoning
Alice Porter
3130 McCutcheon Place
Columbus, OH 43219
(614) 596-2963

Area Map - Northeast Area Commission