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Plumbing Inspections

The Plumbing inspection section ensures that plumbing-related systems are constructed pursuant to all applicable codes to ensure the health and safety of city residents and visitors. Inspections are conducted to verify the sanitary  drain waste and vent systems, storm drainage systems, and portable water distribution systems are installed in accordance with the approved design. The required inspections are for systems located within residential and commercial occupancies.

 COVID-19 Inspection Update:

Replacement furnace and water heater inspections can begin to be scheduled January 21st, 2021.  Residential occupancies that are unoccupied will continue to be inspected using our normal inspection procedures, but occupied residential occupancies will be done via a virtual inspection using one of several available live media streaming options. 

When performing replacement inspections of occupied residences during the COVID-19 Emergency the following protocol will be observed:


  • 1.Inspectors will contact the customer prior to the inspection and ask if someone in the home has a fever (≥100.4º) or flu-like symptoms.  If the answer is yes, the inspection will be cancelled and noted accordingly in the comments of the inspection results.
  • 2.Only one person will be permitted to greet and accompany the inspector and must wear a face covering.  If the home owner refuses to wear a face covering, they must remove themselves from the inspection area and allow the contractor to handle the inspection, or it will not be performed. 
  • 3.The customer or contractor will be asked to open doors to the inspection and maintain social distancing at all times.  If the 6 foot distancing is not possible, the customer will be asked to remove themselves from the area once all doors are opened. 
  • 4.Inspectors will also be required to wear a face covering.


For inspections that cannot be performed due to the health condition of the customer or refusal of the customer to follow the protocol, they may be rescheduled at a later date.



Below you will find applications, publications, inspection scheduling contact numbers  and information specific to   the plumbing trade.

  To schedule a plumbing inspection:                   
  Phone: 614-645-8355 or Fax: 614-645-2430                                                                  

  To cancel a scheduled Inspection:  
  Phone: 614-645-7847 and Fax: 614-645-2099


Plumbing Map

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Documents & Forms
Plumbing Permit Application
Permit Transfer Form   
Miscellaneous Services Form
Schedule an Inspection    
Contractor Complaint Form
Application for Hearing OBC-OBBA
Inspection Log Form


Industry Links 
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