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Read the CelebrateOne
2017 Annual Report

Read the CelebrateOne 2017 Annual Report


2018 Infant Mortality Data Available The preliminary 2018 infant mortality data for Franklin County are now online. Look at a snapshot of the 2018 data or dive deeper with the 2018 data dashboard and briefs on safe sleep, prematurity, and social determinants of health. Visit CelebrateOne's new data web page.


Pregnancy & Parenting Support Groups Pregnancy and parenting support groups help expecting parents learn about having a healthy baby, answer your questions, talk to healthcare professionals, and share resources. Groups meet in many neighborhoods through Moms2B, Mothers Cove, and Baby Nook. Learn more.

StepOne for a Healthy Pregnancy

StepOne for Pregnant Women Are you pregnant and need to make your first doctor appointment? Are you looking for housing? StepOne is here to connect women with affordable, timely and convenient prenatal care, and resources for a healthy pregnancy.  - learn more


ShopCelebrateOne for Gifts and Baby Showers Buy-one, give-one and save a life at ShopCelebrateOne! This special charitable project supports safe sleep in Central Ohio. Every purchase at donates a sleep sack to a newborn in need. Browse the shop and learn more at


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Give to CelebrateOne You can help babies and mothers thrive in our community. Your gift to CelebrateOne supports programs that reduce premature births, prevent sleep-related infant deaths, and connect the disconnected in Franklin County. - learn more