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Healthy Beginnings At Home Policy Brief

Healthy Beginnings At Home

Baby Bump & Beyond Baby Bump & Beyond captures a diverse array of options for moms and families to engage with trained professionals who offer support, service and resources for families and their children – at no cost to the family. 

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Information, referrals and services for mom’s health and the care of the baby before, during and after pregnancy is important to the long-term health of mom and her child/children.

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 All of Baby Bump & Beyond programs are part of a larger focus across these agencies to address health disparities among families of color and keep equity in service delivery and health outcomes as part of our focus.

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Baby Bump & Beyond is a direct connection to help families find the level of support and resources needed through every stage of growth – for mom, dad, caregiver, child and the entire family.

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Our goal is to provide information and touchpoints – virtually or face-to-face – on your time, when you need us, during your pregnancy and to support your child’s ongoing development and growth.

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We offer guidance and connect you to services at your request, to help you as your child reaches those important life milestones. We celebrate with you, every step of the way.

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Learn More To learn more, call 614.656.3322 and ask for Baby Bump & Beyond. Pregnancy and parenting support - one step at a time.
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