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Columbus Litter League

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2023 Litter League Captains Packet
2023 Columbus Litter League Rules
Columbus Litter League FAQ

Columbus Litter League is back and registration is open! Opening Day for season three is June 1st, and volunteers can join the lineup to help strike out litter in neighborhoods throughout the city. 

Create or join a team to compete in one of four divisions: corporations/business, nonprofit/faith-based, community groups, and individuals. With up to 20 players per team, you can decide where you want to clean up. Don’t have a location in mind? Keep Columbus Beautiful can assist you in finding a location in need of a cleanup. 

After each cleanup, teams will place their bags of litter for collection and report their stats for that day. One bag of litter equals one run, and teams with the most runs at the end of the season will win their division.


The overall winner with the most runs will get to participate in a special wiffle ball tournament at Huntington Park.


Thanks to Huntington, the proud sponsor of the Columbus Litter League, with the support of the Columbus Clippers, every team player who actively participates will be invited to enjoy special Litter League team nights at designated home Clippers’ games this summer. The Litter League season runs from June 1, 2022 through August 31, 2023.

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