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What is the city charter?

The charter is our city’s constitution and can only be changed by a vote of Columbus’ citizens.  At its meeting on July 21, 2014, Columbus City Council approved three ordinances - 1747-2014, 1748-2014, and 1749-2014 - requesting that the boards of elections of Franklin, Delaware, and Fairfield Counties place three charter amendment questions on the November 4 ballot.  These three questions were based on the recommendations of the bipartisan 2014 Columbus Charter Review Commission.

Issues 6, 7, and 8 give voters the opportunity to approve the first comprehensive charter amendments since 1998.  Columbus voters approved our first city charter in 1914.  Since then, voters have approved over 60 amendments to the charter to reflect changing state laws, respond to local issues, and strengthen our city.

To learn more about our charter, click here to visit the Charter Review Commission webpage.