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Legislative Agent (Lobbyist) Registration

The City of Columbus requires all legislative agents (lobbyists) to register with the City Clerk. Under section 2321.54 of the Columbus City Code, legislative agents must disclose information related to their clients and the legislation or issues related to their engagement by a client.  They also must update their registration three times a year or within ten (10) days following their initial engagement by a client.

Filing Deadlines:   January 31, May, 31, and September 30


The Columbus Lobbyist Registration provides greater accountability for those agents hired to lobby City Hall, while protecting citizens’ rights to meet with City officials at any time for any reason.


Information Files

Registration Page

If you classify as a legislative agent, please register all required information and affiliations using the online registration form.

Search Page

If you would like to view and/or search the legislative agent database, please visit the online search page.

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