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Council to Vote on Over $11 Million in Water Infrastructure Improvements

Efforts underway to improve neighborhoods across Columbus

[COLUMBUS-OH] The City of Columbus is hard at work to improve water infrastructure across our community. Five ordinances on the Monday, November 4, 2019, Council agenda involve mitigating flooding, improving drinking water reliability, planning for future sewer capacity, providing maintenance on sewers and upgrading systems that filter grit from drinking water.

“Our drinking water and sewer infrastructure systems are critical for the strength of our neighborhoods,” said Councilmember Rob Dorans. “These upgrades keep our systems running smoothly, our streets clear from flooding, and our drinking water clean and safe.”

The South Broadleigh Area Water Line Improvements project, under ordinance 2566-2019, is a part of the Division of Water’s more than $30 million annual Replacement and Rehabilitation program. This $5.335 million investment will take place in the Mid East community area. The goal of the project is to replace existing cast iron pipes, which range from 64-90 years old. Replacement of these water mains will improve water service, decrease the burden on water maintenance operations and reduce water loss. Construction is expected to begin at the start of 2020.

In parts of the City, storm water systems need relief. The Blueprint program targets the areas of greatest need and expands access to sump pumps for residents. Ordinance 2211-2019, allows the City to utilize $1.971 million to provide sump pumps to residents to mitigate basement flooding.

“The goal of these projects is to modernize our current infrastructure to meet today’s demands,” Dorans continued. “By installing sump pumps in the Hilltop, we will mitigate flooding, provide more reliable water service and encourage future development in the area.”

The City will upgrade systems at the Parsons Avenue Water Plant that services the east and sourthern portions of Columbus under ordinance 2631-2019 to filter drinking water to improve their ability to flush grit and other residuals from the water. This $1.575 million investment was funded through the October 2019 City Bond sale.

With Columbus growing by nearly 50 people a day, it is necessary to plan for that growth in all facets of infrastructure. Ordinance 2214-2019 updates the Sewer System Capacity model. The $1.773 million project modernizes the City’s plans for system upgrades and factors in the progress of the Blueprint program and other sewer upgrades. Ordinance 2666-2019 will allow for inspection, testing and repair of electrical systems involved in the monitoring process.  

“We need to continue invest in the infrastructure below our feet to ensure we are operating smartly and efficiently," said Dorans.

“This continues to be a top priority for our neighborhoods.”