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Councilmember Zach M. Klein joined City Council in January 2011 and serves as the president of City Council.  

As the president of the City Council, Zach M. Klein guides the work of council, presiding at meetings of council and determining the meeting agendas as well as appointing the chair and members of council committees.

Council President Klein chairs council’s Rules & Reference Committee, which controls the flow of legislation to the floor of the City Council.

Council President Klein believes that Columbus is strengthened by its diversity and spirit of inclusion. He introduced legislation that created the city’s domestic partnership registry, and another of his ordinances updated the contracting code to match the civil rights code and treat people fairly and consistently regardless of age, disability, familial status and military status, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression. 

Council President Klein has long been committed to neighborhood safety and stability.  As a former chair of the Development Committee, Council President Klein lead efforts to close down adult gaming parlors, established a citywide graffiti removal program, and passed legislation that increased the number of active Code Enforcement Officers.  As the Chair of the Safety Committee, last year, Council President Klein established City licensing requirements to help shutdown nuisance hotels and motels.

Council President Klein is a graduate of The Ohio State University and Capital Law School. As an attorney, he has managed multi-million dollar budgets at the state and federal level, and prosecuted those who prey upon vulnerable residents in securities fraud cases. He served as the deputy chief of legal services for then-Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray and also worked in the Office of the Vice President of the United States as deputy director of management and administration.

Council President Klein has served on the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and the Capital University Law School Alumni Board. He is also an NCAA basketball referee. Klein lives with his wife and two young children in Clintonville.