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Clintonville GreenSpot Neighborhood

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In 2019 Clintonville was designated as a GreenSpot Neighborhood (you can watch the video here). This designation recognizes the commitments Clintonville has made towards sustainability. The group responsible for developing and implementing sustainable plan is the Clintonville Area Commission GreenSpot Neighborhood committee chaired by Ryan Foshee. If you are in Clintonville and part of a group doing green acts we want to hear from you! Fill out this brief survey to let us know. Seriously, it will take you less than a minute. 

Successes they’ve achieved so far: 
Inform and Engage
• Recruited more than 400 new GreenSpot members.
• Distributed GreenSpot brochures and information at the CRC Pumpkin Patch
• Distributed 55 Homeowner Green Guides within Clintonville.
• Finalize placement of GreenSpot Neighborhood street sign.
• Created sustainability Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.
• Indianola Informal K-8 is the first Columbus City School to be designated as a GreenSpot School. Watch video here.
• Supporting other green groups’ activities.


Conserve and Protect Water
• Work with Fire Station 19 on removing non-native/invasive plants and install native ones. Secured a rain barrel (in process of securing another one).
• Litter pick-up at Cooke Rd railroad crossing.
• Broadway & I-71 Ramps Cleanup (13 bags of litter collected!!).
• Tree Planting, Tree Nursery Clean Up, and Invasive Removal supporting FLOW at Godown Road Nursery, near Dog Park.
• Cutback of invasive plants and litter clean-up at Walhalla Ravine.
• Attended and promoted Adena Brook/Overbrook Ravine Clean Up.
• Conducted a native plant giveaway (224 plants, 6 varieties) with plants provided by Keep Columbus Beautiful in partnership with Green Columbus.
• Promoted GreenSpot Backyards Conservation.
• Removed invasive species and organized litter cleanups.
• Gave out and/or planted 1,600 trees and 670 pollinator plants.
• Partnered with Columbus Recreation and Parks to restore the Whetstone Prairie.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
• Distributed GreenSpot reusable water bottles. 


Conserve Energy
• Met with Clintonville Resource Center (CRC) regarding solar installation / energy efficiency improvements.
• Promoted local foods through farmers markets, master gardeners and vegan fest. 
• Promoted energy audits resulting in 258 home energy audits. 


Green Transportation
• Promoted cycling through "Tour of Clintonville."