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Columbus Violence Reduction (CVR) Columbus Violence Reduction (CVR) is the City of Columbus’ adaptation of the National Network for Safe Communities (NNSC) evidence-based Group Violence Intervention (GVI) Model. 
CVR contracts with Columbus Urban League and Community for New Direction, and partners with a variety of other organizations in this effort.

GVI has repeatedly demonstrated that violence can be dramatically reduced when a partnership of community members, law enforcement and social service providers directly engages with the small and active number of people involved in street groups and clearly communicates:

      •      A moral message that the community cares about you! We want you to live a peaceful life and we want you not to hurt other people or be hurt
      •      A law enforcement message that if you want to change we will support you, if you do not you will face the full force of the law
      •      A support and outreach message that we have resources available to help you during your transition and after

Evidence shows that a small number of people in gangs and/or groups, drive a majority of violence in troubled neighborhoods.  Group members typically constitute less than .05% of a city’s population but are consistently linked to 60-70% of the shootings or homicides.  

Columbus Violence Reduction (CVR) focuses on those group members at the highest risk of committing violent crime and becoming victims themselves. CVR is dedicated to keeping our residents Safe, Alive, and Free. 

Our Mission: Reduce violence and improve the quality of life.

Guiding Principles:
     •     Do no harm
     •     Strengthen communities’ capacity to prevent violence
     •     Enhance legitimacy
     •     Offer help to those who want it
     •     Get deterrence right
     •     Use enforcement strategically

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Columbus Violence Reduction 
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