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Critical Home Repair Program

Critical Home Repair Guidelines

Critical Home Repair Program

*** Please call the Intake Line at 614-645-8526 to be placed on the waiting list, callers will be notified with a mailing when funding is available ***

The mission of the Critical Home Repair Program is to assist individuals and families to remain in their homes and live independently in a safe and sound environment. Applicant and property criteria for participation in this program are outlined below. 
Geographic Location and Eligible Properties 

Eligible geographic locations, properties and households are designated by the City of Columbus Department of Development under the guidance of funding sources, rules and regulations.  All initiatives will be subject to the availability of funding.


1.  The Critical Home Repair Program provides for prioritized essential home repairs.  City staff will work with you to determine the priority and amount of work that is allowable under the program guidelines.

2.  Funds can be used for work necessary to correct substandard, unsanitary or deteriorated condition(s).  Types of repairs include correcting lead paint hazards; replacing roof and roofing elements; furnaces; hot water tanks; gas, water and sewer lines; minor electric; securing bowing/shifting basement walls; replacement for critically damaged windows and/or siding to create sound, airtight and watertight environments; and repair or replacement for critically damaged driveways or sidewalks; etc.

3.  Funds may also be used for health, and safety work necessary to eliminate physical barriers or increase independent living opportunities including but not limited to: custom designed ramps & handrails, widening doorways, modifying bathrooms for accessibility, installing grab bars, toilet assist railings, and porch or stair lifts, etc. in accordance with City housing standards.



1.   You must have owned and occupied the home for a minimum of one year prior to applying for funds.  Tenant-occupied units being considered for Accessibility Modifications must have the written approval of the property owner prior to project approval.  

2.   You must be a household earning up to 80% or less of the area median income (AMI) as determined by HUD with adjustments for household size (see chart).  Income of all adult occupants is counted.  

3.   Veteran household may earn up to 120% or less of the area median income (AMI) when there is an eligible veteran owner-occupant [or] an owner-occupant with an eligible veteran whose permanent address is the same as the homeowner’s and the eligible veteran is not a rental tenant of the homeowner.   

4.   Your mortgage and property taxes must be current at the time of application.  Properties considered for Accessibility Modifications must have an active annual rent agreement that is paid current.   

5.   There can be no unresolved, active foreclosures, liens nor judgments.   

6.   The applicant(s) or disabled household member(s) must provide a non-Rx prescription [or] letterhead medical statement from a licensed physician [or] chiropractor identifying a physical disability limiting and/or impairing mobility along with the accessibility service request(s).

Click here to download the 2023 Program Income Limits- Effective June 15th 2023

NOTE: Total yearly household income includes the income of all adults 18 years of age and older living in the home; Family size includes all persons living in the home.

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