West Franklinton Plan

West Franklinton School

The West Franklinton plan supersedes The Franklinton Plan (2003). This plan is the result of a 9-month community outreach and planning process. From the outset, the intent was to develop a clear and actionable set of strategies to address the most immediate neighborhood land use and development challenges, while outlining a vision for the next 20 years. The Plan includes a land use plan, design guidelines for future commercial and residential development, and identify capital improvements for the neighborhood.

The Plan was adopted by Columbus City Council on December 8, 2014. 

West Franklinton Plan

Staff Contact: 
Mark Dravillas, Assistant Administrator
614-645-6823, [email protected] 

We asked the residents of West Franklinton what their hopes and dreams were for the area. Here's what they had to say: http://vimeo.com/97940914