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Columbus Downtown Commission

The Downtown Commission was formed in 1997 with the adoption of the Downtown District chapter (CC 3359) of the Columbus Zoning Code. Adoption of the code resulted in all of Downtown's 4,000 plus parcels being combined into a single zoning district where most uses are permitted pending design review. A major update to the district and a set of companion Design Guidelines were adopted by City Council in July 2013.

The Downtown Commission functions as the district's development review body-serving as the Development Commission, Board of Zoning & Adjustment, and Graphics Commission for the downtown. The Commission evaluates applications based on their compliance with the provisions of CC 3359 and the Downtown Design Guidelines. The Commission also considers city adopted plans and policies for the downtown and related applicable regulatory requirements.


Meetings and Calendar:

Meetings are generally held on the 4th Tuesday of each month-with the exception of November and December-at the City of Columbus, 111 N. Front Street, Hearing Room (Room 204) at 8:30 a.m.

Please note:  Meeting dates and locations are subject to change or cancellation. You are encouraged to contact the Planning Division for confirmation.

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Meeting Date Title Agenda
4/28/2020 8:30am DC April 2020 Meeting CANCELED
5/26/2020 8:30am DC May 2020 Meeting
6/23/2020 8:30am DC June 2020 Meeting
7/28/2020 8:30am DC July 2020 Meeting
8/25/2020 8:30am DC August 2020 Meeting
9/22/2020 8:30am DC September 2020 Meeting
10/27/2020 8:30am DC October 2020 Meeting
11/24/2020 8:30am DC November 2020 Meeting
12/22/2020 8:30am DC December 2020 Meeting
Meeting Date Title Agenda Results/ Minutes
3/24/2020 Cancelled - DC March 2020 Meeting
2/25/2020 DC February 2020 Meeting Download
1/28/2020 DC January 2020 Meeting Download
12/18/2019 DC December 2019 Meeting Download
11/20/2019 DC November 2019 Meeting Download
10/22/2019 DC October 2019 Meeting Download Download
9/24/2019 DC September 2019 Meeting Download
8/27/2019 DC August 2019 Meeting Download Download
7/23/2019 DC July 2019 Meeting Download Download
6/25/2019 DC June 2019 Meeting Download Download
5/28/2019 DC May 2019 Meeting Download Download
4/23/2019 DC April 2019 Meeting Download Download
3/26/2019 DC March 2019 Meeting Download Download
8/23/2016 DC August 2016 Meeting Download Download