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Council to Announce the City Charter Districting Process

CouncilResidential Districting Process Begins in 2021

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[Columbus, OH] In 2018, Columbus residents passed a charter amendment to enhance neighborhood advocacy and amplify community voices inside City Hall. The vote added two Council seats to bring the total number to nine while establishing residential districts for each seat. On December 1, 2020, Councilmember Emmanuel V. Remyannounced the intent to form the Council Residential Districting Commission (CRDC) to draw the district maps.

“In 2018, the electors of our great City voted to authorize a plan to modernize how members of council represent Columbus residents,” said Councilmember Remy. “This transition will assure each member of Council represents not only the City at large but also the community they live in and experience daily.”

Following Charter requirements, the CRDC will consist of five members, four appointed by Council through an application process. The Mayor and Council President will select the final member who will also serve as the chair. The commission will be seated no later than March 1, 2021. Elected officials (except precinct committee members), lobbyists registered with the City, candidates for elected office, and City staff are not permitted to apply. 

The commission will host at least nine public meetings and create three map options. Each plan will outline the boundaries of the nine districts where each member must live. By the close of 2021, Council must adopt one of the three proposed maps without making any changes.

"We are a growing City with unique communities, and every voice deserves to be heard," said Council President Shannon G. Hardin. “This citizen commission will develop three maps based on national best practices to ensure every neighborhood is represented on Council.”

The commission will automatically dissolve following final map approval. All nine members of Council will run for a seat in 2023 based on the new residential districts.

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