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Columbus will soon have nine districts, nine councilmembers and a hybrid at-large system. The hybrid at-large system is largely a residency requirement for Councilmembers as voting in BOTH the primary and the general election are done at-large, meaning the entire city votes on each district.

Current qualifications to be a Councilmember:

  • Reside within Columbus corporate limits and within the district they represent for not less than one consecutive year prior to the primary election
  • Candidates for office must collect 250 petition signatures from within their district
  • Maintain residency in Columbus and within their district for the entirety of the Councilmember’s term in office
  • Prohibited from holding any other public office except notary public, member of the state militia or any reserve unit of the U.S. Armed Forces


At the first meeting of 2024, the Columbus City Clerk will divide Council districts into two classes by drawing lots. Councilmembers will then randomly pick a lot. Lot A will be 5 districts and Councilmembers from those districts will serve a four year term. Lot be will be 4 districts and Councilmembers from those districts will serve a two year term. This will result in the staggering of terms for the future. 

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COLUMBUS DISTRICT MAP Click here to view the map and find your district.

meeting series

CRDC Community Meeting Series In 2021, the Council Residential Districting Commission was appointed and charged with creating district maps that Council would vote on and choose a final map that would be the official Columbus District Map. Under the new Council District system, Councilmembers are required to live within the district they represent. Candidates for office must collect 250 signatures from within their district, which does not allow them to collect signatures as a slate. 

Residents can find the videos of the Commission meetings on the City of Columbus' YouTube channel.


Charter Provisions The process to create the Council Residential Districting Commission is enshrined within the Columbus City Charter. To view the rules and process for enacting this system, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions about the districting process and the Council Residential Districting Commission
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