Dr. Pat Gabbe

Pat Gabbe MD


Center for Child & Family Advocacy, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

My husband Steve and I are primarily pescetarians (fish and vegetable eaters). We eat plenty of fresh, colorful, seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats and lean proteins, with an emphasis on low carbohydrates.

I exercise every day. Steve and I regularly ride our tandem bike on the Alum Creek trail and make up poems as we roll along. And I often take exercise walks to Jeffrey Park and enjoy watching the seasons unfold. Even if it’s something as simple as skipping the elevator and taking the stairs, I do my best to stay active.

To people trying to get fit or stay healthy, I would say the most important thing is sleep! Try to get seven hours of good sleep every night, and don’t feel bad taking a quick nap if you need to.  And the best way to guarantee a good night’s sleep is to exercise during the day!