Healthy Eating

Choose My PlatePractical information for eating healthy; sponsored by United States Department of Agriculture - learn more

Kids Eat RightHealthy eating tips for all ages provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. - learn more

My Food AdvisorRecipes for Healthy Living from the American Diabetes Association. - learn more

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Check out our Youtube videos featuring Chef Jim Warner of the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center as he shows us how to make some healthy food.

Breakfast on the GO! Chef Jim Warner shows how to make quick and healthy breakfasts for those on the go! -July 15, 2015 - learn more

One Stop Chicken Chop Chef Jim Warner, OSU Wexner Medical Center, shares a trio of recipes that can be made from a single whole chicken. -January 26, 2015 - learn more

Not Your Grandma's Soul Food Chef Warner demonstrates how to make healthy versions of some classic soul food dishes. -July 29, 2014 - learn more