Harm Reduction Overview

Columbus and many other cities in Ohio have been plagued by an opiate epidemic that is a crisis of unparalleled proportion, with devastating, often deadly consequences. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ohio ranked 2nd in highest number of drug overdose deaths in 2014.  Heroin and opiate use has gone up in Columbus over the last five years and these drugs were culpable in more than 70% of overdose deaths in Franklin County.

In response to this crisis, Columbus Public Health helped develop and launch a community-wide comprehensive Harm Reduction Program in partnership with Equitas Health (formerly AIDS Resource Center Ohio). The program is called Safe Point.

Safe Point includes:  

  • Intervention treatment and counseling 
  • Testing for HIV and hepatitis C, and linkage to treatment 
  • Syringe access to reduce the spread of infectious disease 
  • Dispensing Naloxone to at-risk individuals 
  • Their support systems and families

Address:  1267 West Broad Street, Columbus Ohio, 43222

Hours of Operation:

Tuesdays: 4 – 8 PM

Wednesdays: 4 – 8 PM

Fridays*: 9 AM – 1 PM (*Starting Feb 19th, 2019)

Saturdays: 9 AM – 1 PM

What Columbus Is Doing

Columbus has launched a Harm Reduction Program to lessen the tragic impact of addiction to heroin and opiates by saving lives, helping people recover and stopping the spread of disease. There are many benefits, such as lowering rates of bloodborne diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C, keeping  used syringes off the streets and connecting people in crisis with substance use services.