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Growing Healthy Kids


Krizia Melendez, PhD, MPH, CHES
Health Program Manager, 
[email protected]


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The Targeted Marketing initiative is an effort to change the conversation around food and beverages through education and action. Through a partnership with ChangeLab Solutions, evidence-based resources and strategies have been developed to educate communities about the impact of marketing tactics by major food and beverage industries to empower them to make choices. Read how Columbus Takes a Stand for Kids' Health and view the resources below on how to support our communities in making a healthier and stronger Columbus.



Learn how food and beverage companies market nutrient-poor products to some of our most vulnerable populations (youth and minorities) through these organizational, community and youth workshops. Learn More


Interactive activities to start the conversation with children and adults on reducing their sugar-sweetened beverage consumption. Learn More


Tools and tips to help increase water consumption and healthy nutrition choices. Learn More


Find other tools for Targeted Marketing, including links to strategies, handouts, posters and up-to-date research to help implement change. Learn More