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Growing Healthy Kids


Krizia Melendez, PhD, MPH, CHES
Health Program Manager, 
[email protected]


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Healthy Gatherings is a movement to make the healthy choice the easy choice where people live, work and play.

Meetings, events, and celebrations are a major part of today’s culture. It is important as community members and leaders that we model our commitment to healthy lifestyles by striving to create a healthy environment. This includes offering healthy food choices, making water freely available and providing opportunities for physical activity. In doing so we assure that we are providing the healthiest possible environment for ourselves and our community. Join us in becoming a Healthy Gatherings partner.



Discover 6 steps to hosting meetings, events and celebrations that promote healthy eating, physical activity and smoke-free environments. Learn more.

DIY Potlucks

HG- DIY Potlucks Find DIY potluck sign-ups sheets, nutritional facts, and fun game ideas. Learn more.


HG- Planning Guides and Score Cards Find all the tools you need to throw your first healthy gathering. Learn more.


HG - Rethink Your Drink Do you know how much sugar is in your beverage? We've got tools to show you, and tips for how to reduce the amount of sugar you drink. Learn more.


HG- Tobacco Free A healthy gathering is not complete without tobacco-free air.  Learn more.


HG - Additional Resources Find other tools for Healthy Gatherings including links to posters, handouts, fundraising ideas and other toolkits to help implement change. Learn more.