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"You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset." ~Tom Hopkins 

Career Development Series

Become every employer's dream candidate by defining, developing, becoming and presenting the best 'YOU' possible. Come participate in this seven (7) week training series and you will develop many necessary skills of what it takes to set yourself apart from others in the current job market. No matter what your job is or whether you are at the mid- or executive level of your career - there is something to learn.  If you are currently looking for work due to being outplaced/outsourced, or if you are considering either a career move or continued upward mobility, the Career Development Training Series is for you!

Best of all - It's FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Seats filling fast on a first registered, first served basis.

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Career Aspirations

Career Aspirations: What to Do While You're Looking This course helps participants define career aspirations, develop career goals, create career strategies, identify personal preferences, and suggestions of what to do while looking for a job. 


Getting to Know You Previously titled Moving from Job to Career.  The MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) instrument is designed to help participants understand his/her unique personality traits and the way they relate to others.  Choosing a job or changing a career can be a major life transition - one that requires careful thought, planning, and work. If you are exploring new career options, you will need to ask yourself two questions: What do I want to do? And, how do I get there from here? Take this course to get answers to the questions you asked yourself while applying lessons learned from your MBTI results.  This course has an optional  session from  where participants will have time to research potential careers. Registration is required for the afternoon session.

Job Search

Getting Prepared for the Job Search While looking for work can be an exciting time, it can also involve fear and discomfort about change and the unknown. This workshop will help participants to discover effective job search techniques, along with an overview on filling out electronic applications; proper electronic communications and building your online brand. **This course has an optional  session from where participants will have time in the computer lab to research potential careers. Registration is required for the afternoon session.

Resume writing

Resume Writing & Compiling Your Job Portfolio Do it right the first time. This training guides the participant through a systematic approach to developing and presenting effective, eye-catching resumes. An easy and structured formula will help participants excel at several different resume approaches, including chronological, work experience, and subject-related resumes.  This course has an optional afternoon session  where participants will be able to get help with their resumes. Registration is required for the afternoon session.


LinkedIn - How it Can Work for You This course will walk participants through the popular social media site, that's known for helping many people land their dream jobs! Participants will discover what to add to their profile, and what should be left off, including connection do's and don'ts. This is one course you don't want to miss.


Interviewing Skills / Mastering the Interview Today's employers need to quickly identify the knowledge, skills and abilities candidates have to help them be successful on the job. As a candidate, your goal is to demonstrate and describe how your knowledge and experiences required for the job can benefit the employer. Discover tips for a successful interview, including talking points and questions to ask of potential employers. Different types of interviews will be explored including, panel, one-on-one, and lunch interviews.  This course has an optional afternoon session where participants will have mock interviews for practice. Registration is required for the afternoon session.

Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette Do manners matter? You bet. When you don't use manners and common courtesy, it shows a lack of consideration & professionalism. People then make judgments about you regardless of your abilities. This course provides guidelines for common business etiquette, how to show respect for yourself and others, how to establish positive connections with anyone.  Today's business environment will be explored, as well as social media and what it has to do with your brand.