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Group Fitness Classes

24 onsite group fitness classes are offered each week to employees at no cost.

Class descriptions, locations, times and instructors can be found in the Q4 2018 Group Class Catalog .  Classes begin the week of April 2nd, but you may join us anytime during the quarter- just be sure to sign in!

Q4 Registration Link!

Adult dependents on the City's health plan are permitted to attend with prior authorization.  Email us for details.

Right Start fitness coaching program is offered at Front Street Fitness.  This free program is a great compliment to the group fitness classes.  You will meet with an exercise specialist to set and meet your personal fitness goals!  Whatever your fitness goal is, Right Start is right for you!

Q4 Group Fitness Class List

Is a 5K, 10K, half, or full marathon part of your fitness plan?  The City's Walk/Run Club will provide you with support and training plans to get you ready.