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Healthy Meetings

Offering healthy food choices and opportunities to be physically active at meetings can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Use these resources at your next meeting and remember to serve Water First for Thirst

Healthy Potlucks-  a fun twist on the traditional potluck!  Everyone brings one or two ingredients to contribute to a buffet style bar. Use the guides below to help you plan

Chili & Baked Potato Bar
Salad Bar
Taco Bar
Pasta Bar
Sandwich Bar
Trail Mix Bar
Yogurt Bar


Healthy Meeting Guidelines  created by Columbus Public Health 

Play this video to incorporate a quick physical activity break!

Healthy Eating Fact Sheets


    20 Ways to Enjoy Fruits & Veggies      Dining Out   
    Bring your Snacks with You!      Eating on the Run    
    Build a Healthy Plate      Snacks for Kids    
    Color Your Plate with Salad      For Older Adults  
    Dietary Guidelines for Americans      Snacks for Teens & Adults  
    2010 Dietary Guidelines      Portion Distortion    
    Eat Right for a Healthy Weight      Power up with Breakfast     
    Eat Smart at Work      Reading Nutrition Labels  
    Everyday Eating for a Healthy You      What is a Serving?    


Learn More about Healthy Eating


    Children's Health    Men's Health    
  Food and Nutrition Topics    Seasonal and Holiday Eating    
  Food Safety    Sports and Exercise    
  Healthy Aging      Women's Health    
  Health Conditions    Resources in Other Languages    
  Healthy Weight